Colourful Expressions
The Sunday Times | April 29th

Colourful Expressions
Sunday Observer | April 29th

Colourful Expressions Around the Island (Sinhala)
Silumina | April 29th


An Inspired Swan Lake by Jehan Aloysius
World News Inc. | March 5th


Samanalayaya 2010 Takes Flight!
The Island | November 18th

‘Samanalaya 2010′, a High Quality Show by Disabled Youth
High Beam Research | September 5th

‘Swan Lake’ Once Again!
Sunday Observer | February 21st

Truly Inspiring Drama
Sunday Observer | January 10th



International Artist to Stage Exhibition for Sri Lankan Youth
The Sunday Leader | June 4th

Fistful of Self-Esteem
Sunday Observer | March 19th


Sunera’s Effort to Heal Wounded Minds
Sunday Observer | August 28th

Another Flight of Different Creativity
The Sunday Times | January 2nd


Differently-abled People Found Through Our Workshops
The Island | December 5th

Towards Ethnic and Social Amity Through Theatre
Daily News | October 16th

Telling the Truth – Differently
Sunday Observer | October 3rd

They Did Reach the Sky
The Sunday Times | October 3rd

Turtles Will Never Fly
The Island | September 17th

Peace, Harmony and Hope Through Performing Ar
Daily News | September 15th

Hope Blooming with Turtles Will Never Fly
Sunday Observer | September 12th

Turtles Will Never Fly
The Sunday Leader | September 12th

Turtles Will Never Fly
Daily News | September 8th

“A Prayer for Peace”, a Therapeutic Drama for Tsunami Affected
Sunday Observer | April 30th

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