Sumudu Jayampathi

Negombo workshop member, Sumudu Jayampathi, shares her views on her life changing experience, which was brought about by Sunera.

Its been 9 years since I have started coming to Sunera workshop. I remember how backward I used to be before. Never did I have confidence to go on the road alone, So I had to wait for my father to come from work to take me to the workshop. As a result , I was always running late for the class. But, things have changed over the years. Gradually, I became so enthusiastic about workshop activities that I started coming to the workshop early. I even took part in the Samanalayaya drama festival every year- those who watched me acting and dancing in Samanalayaya were impressed by my talents. They said I acted really well and that I look beautiful. I was happy to have seen my pictures in the news papers. Sunera brought a lot of happiness in to my life. Thanks to them, I came a long way and achieved much. I feel happy now, and I feel blessed. In a society which corners individuals like us, Sunera treats all of us equally. And that is why we all love Sunera.

Turning a new chapter in her life, Sumudu tied the knot at a grand wedding in her home town of Negombo.

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