‘Process of Play’ Theatre Workshop by Graeae Theatre Company

The ‘Process of Play’ Theatre workshop was held in Colombo from 24th – 28th October and in Kandy from 30th October to 3rd November. Jenny Sealey the Artistic Director of the Graeae Theatre Company U.K, led the threefold project, working with our trainers, participants, mothers and fathers. The project provided Sunera Foundation’s 35 trainers the opportunity to rediscover and develop their creativity, build their confidence, develop their leadership skills and increase their knowledge on disability and the disability arts.

The parents workshop was an opportunity for the them, to remind themselves of their hopes and dreams and to share their frustrations and fears. They were also taught how to create a dramatic framework through which they can tell their stories and share it with the wider community and policy makers.

Process of Play gave all the stakeholders the much needed international exposure of learning not just new techniques, but also a creative experience to remember. The last day involved the trainers putting into action the techniques which they had learned with a group of our participants in the presence of the media, who gave awareness to our work and the disabled community in Sri Lanka.

A few things the Artistic Director of Graeae Theatre Company U.K had to say after the ‘Process of Play’ training workshops…

– A different Romeo and Juliet but still with elastic and paper!! Simple things but full of creativity. Truly wonderful.

– Seriously wonderful – they created the story of Cinderella in an hour!

– It has been an awesome experience. It has been such a learning curve and there is so much potential with trainers, participants and Mothers.

– Proud of our trainers!

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