On Stage! (vol 2)

Our participants of the Jaffna workshop held their annual theater performance on the 3rd of August 2017 at the Kallayagam Auditorium Jaffna. A short drama and three dance items were presented by the children and were enjoyed by all who were present.

The very first theatrical performance by our participants in Mannar to the stage on the 4th of August, just one year after the start of the workshop. It was a proud and emotional moment for all as it was the first time a performance of this nature took place in the war torn city of Mannar.

Talent Show for the differently-abled

Our participants in Matara, Kamburupitiya and Anamaduwa were invited to be a part of the talent shows organized by the Divisional Secretariat of their hometowns and took the stage with ease, showing their talents and capabilities to their local communities.

Christmas Carols and Festive Cheer

Our participants in the Plantation sector, Wattala workshop and Kandy workshop held Christmas programmes during the month of December 2017. The participants danced, sang carols and presented evenings of festive cheer to the many who attended. The Plantations and Wattala programmes were organized by the Parents Committees of the workshops and the Kandy programme was organized by the Millenium Elephant Foundation, Kandy.

Training with Daniel Foley

Ten of our trainers participated in a Drama and Performance training workshop with British dramatist Daniel Foley in September 2017. This was a unique experience which taught our trainers drama, movement and voicing techniques.

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