On Stage!

‘Gods Stars’ on Stage in Batticaloa
The Batticaloa workshop produced a drama titled ‘Gods Star’ which was held at the Municipal Council Hall, Batticaloa on the 27th of February 2017. The participants performed a short drama and four dance items which were well presented on stage. The Bishops in Battocaloa, clergy, community leaders, parents and children as well as the Chairpersona and staff members of the Foundation were a part of the large audience in attendance.

Taking Theatre to the Streets
The Thirappane workshop produced a street drama for the community of Thirappane on the 01st of June 2017 which was held alongside the main road in Thirappane. 15 participants performed in the production which was a drama on narcotics addiction in our society. Sunera performed as part of the campaign against Narcotics which was organized and sponsored by the Divisional Secretary of Thirappane.

Spreading our wings to Mullaitivu!

Sunera Foundation started its 37th workshop in the District of Mullaitivu on May 2017. The workshop is held at MARDAP (MN/Association for Rehabilitation of Differently Abled People), Mulleyaweli, with 19 participants attending the workshop. The Sunera workshop is the first of its kind and is reaching out to the disabled community in Mullaitivu who have limited or no access to any form of help and support. We are excited to see the developments of our participants in the Mullaitivu workshop in time to come.

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