Bidding Farewell to Friends of Sunera Foundation

After 10 years of partnership, with much gratitude for the support and dedication to the work of Sunera Foundation, we bid farewell to our good friends FSF (Friends of Sunera Foundation, U.K) as they wind down their operations.

The Friends of Sunera Foundation, U.K started in 2006 with one aim – to raise funds for Sunera Foundation. Since then, FSF has always been our biggest supporter and have been true ‘Friends of Sunera’ over the past decade. Despite many challenges, FSF continued their fundraising efforts with much dedication. Their hard work has resulted in them raising a phenomenal amount of money in support of our work. This has been the backbone of our existence. FSF funds have supported the majority of our workshops, five issues of the Sinhala and Tamil provincial newsletters, and T-shirts for our trainers and participants; FSF also saw to completion two programmes of speech and language therapy. To do all this, they have obtained funds from U.K based trusts and ably assisted in fundraising events in aid of Sunera Foundation, as well as providing a focus for their many regular donors. We are indeed grateful.

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