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A Classical Trio’ – March 2018


Samanalayaya Drama Festival 2018


Date & Time

Municipal Council Hall , Weligama
Matara, Akuressa,Weligama & Kamburupitiya workshops
12th January 2018 at 3.30pm
Hindu Cultural Center Hall , Kandy
Mawanella, Katugastota & Kandy workshops
16th January 2018 at 3.30pm
Town Hall, Panadura
Horana, Aluthgama & Panadura workshops
24th January 2018 at 3.30pm
Sudasuna Hall, Chilaw
Chilaw, Puttalam & Anamaduwa workshops
29th January 2018 at 3.30pm
Yovun Nikethanaya Hall, Anuradhapura
Anuradhapura, Thirappane, Palugaswewa & Kekirawa Workshops
08th February 2018 at 3.30pm
Hall de Galle, Galle
Galle & Imaduwa workshops
15th February 2018 at 3.30pm
Town Hall, Kuliyapitiya
Kurunegala, Kuliyapitiya, Kobeigane & Horombawa workshops
19th February 2018 at 3.30pm
S D S Jayasingha Hall, Dehiwala
Dehiwala, Homagama and Maharagama workshops
23rd February 2018 at 3.30pm
Town Hall, Negombo
Negombo, Wattala & Horagolla workshops
28th February 2018 at 3.30pm
Finals- Lionel Wendt Colombo 07 16th May 2018 at 7.00pm
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On Stage! (vol 2)

Our participants of the Jaffna workshop held their annual theater performance on the 3rd of August 2017 at the Kallayagam Auditorium Jaffna. A short drama and three dance items were presented by the children and were enjoyed by all who were present.

The very first theatrical performance by our participants in Mannar to the stage on the 4th of August, just one year after the start of the workshop. It was a proud and emotional moment for all as it was the first time a performance of this nature took place in the war torn city of Mannar.

Talent Show for the differently-abled

Our participants in Matara, Kamburupitiya and Anamaduwa were invited to be a part of the talent shows organized by the Divisional Secretariat of their hometowns and took the stage with ease, showing their talents and capabilities to their local communities.

Christmas Carols and Festive Cheer

Our participants in the Plantation sector, Wattala workshop and Kandy workshop held Christmas programmes during the month of December 2017. The participants danced, sang carols and presented evenings of festive cheer to the many who attended. The Plantations and Wattala programmes were organized by the Parents Committees of the workshops and the Kandy programme was organized by the Millenium Elephant Foundation, Kandy.

Training with Daniel Foley

Ten of our trainers participated in a Drama and Performance training workshop with British dramatist Daniel Foley in September 2017. This was a unique experience which taught our trainers drama, movement and voicing techniques.

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Young & Easy: An Evening of Poetry & Prose

‘Young and Easy’ – an evening of poetry and prose to celebrate the work of one of the twentieth century’s great writers: Dylan Thomas, was hosted by the British Council in aid of Sunera Foundation on the 22nd and 27th of October 2017 at the British Council Library. It was an enjoyable evening and our thanks to Gareth Armstrong, John Griffiths and the British Council Colombo for their time and support.

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Colours of the Silk Road

A Fashion Show with a difference, brought together a unique collection of exotic handmade jewellery perfectly matched with an exclusive range of beautifully crafted sarees and clothing modeled and showcased for the audience while dining to the delicacies of the Hilton Colombo High Tea. Colours of the Silk Road brought together an exclusive collection of hand crafted jewels by Kadambari Jewels and a matching collection of hand woven sarees and eastern ware by Rithihi in aid of Sunera Foundation, on the 27th of November 2017, 5 p.m at the Hilton Colombo.

A huge thank you to Kadambari Jewelry, and Rithihi for their partnership, generous support and hard work towards making our fundraiser ‘Colours of the Silk Road’ a success!

Thank you also to our premier sponsor The Hilton Colombo, media partners Wijeya Newspapers Ltd Daily Mirror, The Sunday Times and HI! Magazine and TV, event partner, Event Productions (Pvt) Ltd. salon partners Salon KESS and creative partner Bates Strategic Alliance Sri Lanka for their generous support towards the event and our work always.

And to our audience who made the time to be there…. Thank you!

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Jonathan Livingston Seagull

In collaboration with the Indian Cultural Centre Colombo, Sunera Foundation hosted the students and teachers of the Shankar Foundation, India in Colombo to perform a musical theatrical, Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Held on the 23rd of August 2017 at the Lionel Wendt Theatre, it was an evening to remember for both Foundations. Directed by famous Indian Actress, Isha Chawla, the children of Shankar Foundation performed with ease and talent as they acted the story of the Seagull who dared to be different and follow his dreams. Shankar Foundation is an NGO based in Hyderabad which nurtures minds, souls and spirits of children with disabilities.

Sunera Foundation performed a dance item at the production. The evening was well appreciated by the audience.

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Bidding Farewell to Friends of Sunera Foundation

After 10 years of partnership, with much gratitude for the support and dedication to the work of Sunera Foundation, we bid farewell to our good friends FSF (Friends of Sunera Foundation, U.K) as they wind down their operations.

The Friends of Sunera Foundation, U.K started in 2006 with one aim – to raise funds for Sunera Foundation. Since then, FSF has always been our biggest supporter and have been true ‘Friends of Sunera’ over the past decade. Despite many challenges, FSF continued their fundraising efforts with much dedication. Their hard work has resulted in them raising a phenomenal amount of money in support of our work. This has been the backbone of our existence. FSF funds have supported the majority of our workshops, five issues of the Sinhala and Tamil provincial newsletters, and T-shirts for our trainers and participants; FSF also saw to completion two programmes of speech and language therapy. To do all this, they have obtained funds from U.K based trusts and ably assisted in fundraising events in aid of Sunera Foundation, as well as providing a focus for their many regular donors. We are indeed grateful.

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A Gift From The People Of India

Our appreciation to His Excellency Mr. Taranjit Singh Sandhu, High Commissioner of India in Sri Lanka, for donating a valuable gift of a brand new TATA bus for the work of Sunera Foundation. The bus will transport our participants from their homes in the estates to our workshops in the plantation sector in the Hatton and Maskeliya Regions.


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Training Our Trainers

The Sunera Trainers are regularly trained with current methodology and disability arts techniques to help them serve the disabled community better. Two such workshops were held during this year.

A workshop on how to use Yoga exercises for the disabled in an effective way was held in February 2017 and was conducted by experienced Yoga instructor, Mr. Lakshman Ratnayake. The workshop covered techniques that can help disabled individuals mentally and physically.

A workshop on script writing was held in April 2017 for our trainers and was conducted by Mr. Nilanka Dahanayake. Mr. Dahanayake taught our trainers basic techniques of script writing which will help our trainers when producing dramas for our regional drama festival ‘Samanalayaya’, to be held in 2018.

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On Stage!

‘Gods Stars’ on Stage in Batticaloa
The Batticaloa workshop produced a drama titled ‘Gods Star’ which was held at the Municipal Council Hall, Batticaloa on the 27th of February 2017. The participants performed a short drama and four dance items which were well presented on stage. The Bishops in Battocaloa, clergy, community leaders, parents and children as well as the Chairpersona and staff members of the Foundation were a part of the large audience in attendance.

Taking Theatre to the Streets
The Thirappane workshop produced a street drama for the community of Thirappane on the 01st of June 2017 which was held alongside the main road in Thirappane. 15 participants performed in the production which was a drama on narcotics addiction in our society. Sunera performed as part of the campaign against Narcotics which was organized and sponsored by the Divisional Secretary of Thirappane.

Spreading our wings to Mullaitivu!

Sunera Foundation started its 37th workshop in the District of Mullaitivu on May 2017. The workshop is held at MARDAP (MN/Association for Rehabilitation of Differently Abled People), Mulleyaweli, with 19 participants attending the workshop. The Sunera workshop is the first of its kind and is reaching out to the disabled community in Mullaitivu who have limited or no access to any form of help and support. We are excited to see the developments of our participants in the Mullaitivu workshop in time to come.

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